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"Hey pretty, don't you wanna take a ride with me, through my world?"

Apr. 13th, 2004

07:18 pm - Tabitha Rachel Bennett

The valedictorian of the Hadley-Luzerne class of 2003, Tabitha Rachel Bennett has distinguished herself as a scholar and leader throughout her remarkable high school career. Recipient of the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, the Clarkson University High School Leadership Award and the RPI Math and Science Award, her extraordinary academic career is highlighted by straight A's in all subjects and a near 100 average on all her Regents exams.  In addition, Tabitha is a dedicated athlete, a key contributor to Hadley-Luzerne's softball program and was recipient of the coveted Varsity Club Award in field hockey.  Accomplished as a musician, Tabitha has participated in NYSSMA, All County, and Area All-State Chorus every year.  Appointed the "State Budget Director" at Empire Girl's State, elected to the Student Council annually and working as student ambassador member of the ACC Youth Leadership Conference Planning Board, she has displayed outstanding leadership and has been a true ambassador for Hadley-Luzerne.  Most recently, Tabitha has matriculated at Northeastern University. A political science major, she toils diligently for hours at her job along with attacking the mountains of homework that can be found in the room belonging to her and Susan Miguel in Melvin Hall.  Tabitha does not let her many “fans” stop her from achieving so much in such a short amount of time. A lovely singer, she is a member of the Northeastern Choral Society and recently performed a duet at a concert put on by her acapella group, which as only a freshman she already has claimed the position of vice-president. At this same concert, Sarah Keegan ingested a brownie that may or may not have been tainted and then informed her CR that she is a resident of room 420 which is a flagrant lie. Kassandra Derby also was in attendance at the aforementioned concert even though she had recently quit the group in order to pursue other dreams such as throwing discs across fields to hot men. How Tabitha and the rest of the group continued on without a key singer like Kassandra is unimaginable. Tabitha is also a star on the Northeastern Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team.  As a Valkyrie, she has proven herself time and time again with her unbelievable hand movements before making catches. Spectators have frequently been heard commenting, “What the hell is that girl doing with her hands?! Amazing!” Others have described these hand movements as "ninja-like” which was particularly fitting at the Brown Huck-a-Hunk Halloween Tournament where Tabitha had the privilege of portraying a ninja on the field.  Everyone who comes in contact with Tabitha Rachel Bennett is honored to have met her and even more astounded when she continues to hang out with them (especially Sarah and Kassandra) What the future holds can only be bright as Tabitha is such a remarkable individual.

Tabitha in one of her finer moments at MNA in WVA

Check out the "bling bling"

Apr. 6th, 2004

01:48 pm - randomness all pulled together in one journal entry

I love Thin Mints. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, basically at all times. They're really the perfect cookie. I love buying them too. The Girl Scouts are so cute and it reminds me of when I was little and sold them. Troop 4-3-1-9 IN fact last time I bought cookies at the grocery store I talked to the mother of one of the girls selling the cookies (I think she was the leader too) about trips and stuff that I took when I was in Girl Scouts and she told me all about this camping trip that the girls were going on with horseback riding! haha my troop was never into hard core camping. We liked to go to places like Washington DC and New York City.

One week of classes left and then finals and I am out of here for the summer. Actually really sad to be leaving for the summer. Seems like all the fun was just beginning. Meghan, Katie, Syd and I have a sweet dorm in West C next year so I'm really excited about that. More room than this year plus a kitchen and it's right next to the health sciences building where a lot of my classes are. I hate to walk places haha

Frisbee has been awesome as usual.  Georgia was beautiful and a lot of fun. Two weekends ago I went to the Drew Blood Drive tournament in Jersey and the Valks came in second. and this past weekend was a co-ed tournament at URI in which we also came in second. It was really rainy and muddy on Saturday though which wasn't so much fun. I got to see a lot of Weymouth summer players which was cool. Soon we'll be back playing on the great fields at home, rotating around to a different one all the time with me not paying attention to emails and driving around to all the fields to figure out which one we're on that night.

I'm coming home this weekend for Easter and bringing Tab and Kass with me to visit Weymouth so we'll be around Friday and Saturday nights. Let me know if you're going to be around too and we can try to get together. :-)

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Current Music: music that Jasmine's playing, I have no idea what it is

Feb. 25th, 2004

03:24 pm - Fun times

me, Katie and Meghan

Last Friday began Meghan's birthday celebration! haha yeah it lasted all weekend. We got all dressed up Friday prepared to go out but ended up riding the Orange line to meet Meghan's friend coming from the airport looking like this.  I did however change my shirt before leaving. Memorable moments include Meghan and Katie whispering to me loudly on the train, all of us having to pee as soon as we left the dorm, taking a very funny video at the State Street T station and Katie stating in a very worried voice, "I don't have money for a taxi!"

I don't feel like updating anymore. haha i just like posting pictures

P.S. Happy Birthday Matty!!

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Current Music: "Criminal" - Fiona Apple

Feb. 8th, 2004

11:58 pm

Tara, Katie, me and Kimmie at Dean

hopefully this will work

01:24 pm

really busy and fun weekend

Friday: I went down to dean high school to visit the one and only Catherine Sarah Bryant and had an awesome time meeting all of her friends down there. she introduced me to people by yelling out her door "Come meet my best friend Sarah!" or by wandering into random people's rooms and asking them if they had met her best friend yet. I think some of them wondered who she was and I felt like I was running for office I shook so many hands. haha I slept on a futon in her room that couldn't fold out and had popcorn all over it. I think the popcorn was from me though oops

Saturday: Katie and I went to Taco Bell (of course) and then I drove her home. Then I stuck around my house to help Andrew with his King Richard III costume for festival.  I was supposed to go to Texas Roadhouse with Tab, Len , Kristin and Carmen but missed it so I ate dinner at home and then my dad drove me back here.  The night consisted of playing asshole, going to a party on Hemenway which sucked because people were overly paranoid about the noise level.  When Len and I got there I doubted that she even had the right apartment because I couldn't hear any noise but then when we got inside people were running around yelling "shhhhhhh" every five seconds. it was really annoying so we left and returned to west to hang out for awhile

Sunday: just beginning.  Katie and Meghan come back today!!! I missed them. They went to visit WPI and then to Windham for Kendra's sweet sixteen so I was all by myself this weekend. Today will probably just consist of a lot of homework and chilling out. my kind of day haha. i'm really hungry now. I hope it's almost time for lunch :-)  i am always thinking about food

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Jan. 29th, 2004

03:23 pm - "you always say goodnight"

Elijah Wood Please rate this quiz I worked hard on it thanks
and I hope that you had fun

What Celebirty are you going to MARRY?!(14 outcomes with pics for anyone)
brought to you by Quizilla </font>what the heck?! this is the second time i've taken this and I swear I put in different answers than the first time. ... or maybe not, i really don't remember.  however my point is that I am not such a big fan of Elijah Wood or Lord of the Rings in general. I should be with Topher Grace NOT Elijah. He seems to be my destiny though which is unfortunate. I don't think he's cute and he's also very short.  I wonder if Topher was even a choice. He must not have been or else I would have obviously gotten him as my celebrity mate. haha. I should make my own quiz where all the answers lead to Topher Grace.</p>

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Current Music: "Give It To You" - Jordan Knight

Jan. 28th, 2004

10:12 pm

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along

I spoke to you in cautious tones
You answered me with no pretense
And still I feel I said too much
My silence is my self defense

And every time I've held a rose
It seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen
And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

So I would choose to be with you
That's if the choice were mine to make
But you can make decisions too
And you can have this heart to break

And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

"And So It Goes" - Billy Joel


ps this rich text button is fun ... ooh you can do images too <amazement>

pps this originally started out kind of sad but my excitement over this button has greatly exceeded my unhappiness

shit i still have two pages to go on my paper .... back to sadness i go :-(

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Current Music: "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" - Billy Joel

Jan. 27th, 2004

11:56 pm - woo hoo that's 43% right there

create your own visited states map

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Current Music: Darlin' Nikki - Foo Fighters

Jan. 22nd, 2004

11:43 pm - "dO yOu ReGrEt So aLL yOuR lOnEliNeSs?"

I've been in a very pensive mood recently ... thinking a lot about stupid things ... crap that makes me angry, stuff i can't change, regrets, hopes, longings... everything. It's like I'm stuck in a little rut that I can't dig myself out of, a tunnel that has no end. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of problems, all of which I create for myself.

Going to the gym has helped. It's a good outlet, a time where I can think. I prefer to go by myself number one because then the only one I'm competing with is myself and number two it gives me some alone time. Now don't get me wrong I love hanging out with people but sometimes you just need some time to yourself and the gym gives me that. Plus I now have the goal of looking good in my ass crack bathing suit from Target. It literally has a key hole type deal where the top of my ass crack starts. Look out this summer for my ass at a beach near you. haha

Classes are now in full swing but I'm not quite sure how difficult they'll be yet. I feel intimidated by my theatre and society class. It's a lot of giving answers and your opinions orally or writing papers. Algebra is going to be one sweet class. I refer to it as relaxation or therapy time because I find it relaxing to go and do all the math problems perfectly without paying attention in the least. Nurses has a lot of reading .. a lot of reading which I do not do. and Anatomy is still Anatomy but about 10 times more detailed because my teacher actually uses the book this semester. She also is a big fan of pop quizzes and online quizzes and testing in general. yay i heart tests.

Sinewick and Riordan are coming to visit me this weekend!! I am so excited. We're going to visit Adam and then eat at Uno's and see Win a Date With Tad Hamiltion. and then we are going to write songs together... "You're A BITCH!!!!!" hahaha this is going to be some good times.

going to try to sleep now, hopefully my neighbors will turn off their music relatively early (who am i kidding, hopefully i'll just pass out or can ignore the music)

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Current Music: "Come Back" - The Early November

Jan. 19th, 2004

01:03 am - and this is how i spend my late nights

Last car ride: from Adult Swim at Tom's house
Last good cry: last night on the phone with Mak
Last library book checked out: one of the 13 books I got for my environmental science paper last semester
Last movie watched: hmm no idea I was supposed to watch a movie tonight at Tommy Lincoln's but we talked about what we're going to name our babies instead
Last book read: Aristotle's Poetics
Last cuss word uttered: "fucker" spoken out loud when iming Nick
Last beverage drank: pink lemonade
Last food consumed: taco from Taco Bell
Last phone call: Tom to see if he had left us at his own house to go to bed
Last TV show watched: part of Home Movies
Last shoes worn: my Nike sneakers from 8th or 9th grade
Last CD played: From Autumn to Ashes at Matty's
Last item bought: food for me and Katie at Taco Bell
Last download: umm probably music at school, I'm addicted to DC++
Last annoyance: let's not even begin with my annoyance level right now
Last disappointment: everything
Last soda drank: Pepsi of course
Last thing written: note to Robert that my room is not a storage site for things he doesn't want anymore
Last key used: key to my house
Last words spoken: "Goodnight Mom"
Last sleep: last night
Last IM: Natalie
Last ice cream eaten: not for a long time ... msybe coffee at Friendly's?
Last time amused: on the car ride home with Katie
Last time wanting to die: hmmm I don't really want to die a lot ... it's mostly just sink into a large hole and hide for awhile
Last time hugged: almost an hour ago
Last chair sat in: computer chair that my mom found next to a dumpster
Last lipstick used: hmmm maybe my pinkish lip gloss?
Last underwear worn: yellow with red stripes ... at least i think they're red
Last time dancing: dancing to pretty fly for a white guy at matt's
Last poster looked at: matt's metallica posters next to a poster of dragon ball-z

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: "Eleven" - Whistler

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